I just received some great news!

Friday Nov 11th, 2022


I hope you are well and squeezing out the last drops of summer!  I know we are here at our place!

I wanted to reach out today with an ask.  I have recently been nominated by The Canadian Champion for the Reader's Choice Awards.  These nominations come from community members, which to me, means EVERYTHING!

I was nominated in the Realtor category.  I know how hard I have been working and things like this make it all worth while.

The next step in the process, is to get as many votes as possible so that I could come in as a winner!  So many of my amazing, hard owrking peers are also nominated, but if you scroll down, you will MY NAME and all you have to do is click VOTE!







Your help is very much appreciated! 


As always, if you need me (and not just Real Estate related) I am a phone call away!


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