Missing Home - Our Family Matters Update

Friday Nov 11th, 2022


Moving is HARD!  

I know, because we just it and it was the single, most complicated , move we have ever made!

We had been living in Milton for almost 20 years and so comfortable there.  Sure, we wanted a bigger lot, more parking spaces and a pool but we were comfortable in our little bungalow in Bronte Meadows.  We had no intentions of making a move.  


My husband, Dan's landscape business, Groundhog Earthmatters Inc (Shameless Plug ) had been leasing space on Nipissing Road for years. The developer who bought the buildings where we were located, gave us six months to vacate so that they can start constructions on yet another condo build in Milton!  With lack of required zoning to run our business, we decided to make a move to Flamborough for more outdoor space and a shop to store our equipment, and park our trucks etc..


Moving almost a decade worth of stuff from the shop and office as well as moving our home, was way more work than we anticipated! Adjusting to the distance from our beloved Milton, has been even more difficult, but we are adjusting nonetheless.  I think for me, what has been the most difficult is the feeling of displacement.  Milton was not just where we lived.  It was a community where we raised our 3 children and birthed our three businesses. I couldn't walk into a grocery store without striking up a conversation with someone I knew.  I was immersed in that community and I felt at home there. 


I love our new home and I love every bit of the almost 4 acres that it sits on.  I love that the shop is steps from our door and my son and husband can work on their equipment ( and motorcycles) all while technically being at home.  I didn't get my pool but there is plenty of room to dream one up in the future.  However, I do feel out of sorts and out of touch.  Out of touch with community and no sens of belonging.   I know our ties in Milton are forever.  We both still run businesses there and have made life-long friendships there and well.. my beloved gym, Onyx Fitness is there and that is huge part of my life, but I still feel like I left home.  I know I will make ties here.  I know I will be ok, but for now, I feel like I am in limbo and yearning for that feeling of home, here in Flamborough.  

Life changes and sometimes it takes a little while to find your footing.  I will find mine.


Through Life's Changes, Home Matters


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